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List your home for rent. Get owner benefits

Sunspot Resorts has been headquartered in Seattle for many years but most of its vacation rental homes are located from 60 to 3,000 miles for there. But now the company has brought on expert managers, housekeepings and maintenance personnel to take on management of short-term vacation rental homes in the Seattle area and all around Puget Sound.

Owners who in list for service within the first 90 days receive substantially reduced commissions but with all the usual services. 24-7 service, professional photography, world class websites and lots of advertising.

To see if we are match with your plans to offer your home for rent, please call William May 888-628-8989 x902.

Note: Special Offers are subject to withdrawal without advance notice and sometimes prior to the Offer Ends date. Certain limitations exist on some special offers and conditions may be necessary for guests to qualify to receive some offerings.