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Newly Renovated Beachwood Resort a Family Favorite

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Fifty years ago a flurry of tourism construction engulfed the North Coast of Washington State. The family friendly Beachwood Resort was one of those built to meet demand and and now it has been completely renovated and updated to meet the needs of visitors for another fifty years.

In 1960, real estate developers bought the 5,000 acres Ocean Shores Penninsula, 10 miles south of Beachwood and set out to sell thousands of lots. But one family resisted the hustle and bustle of the city of Ocean Shores to build a unique Bungalow style enclosed resort on secluded Copalis Beach.

For decades Beachwood Resort has been a little known secret spot for family friendly, pet friendly and group friendly travelers. Now Goldener Resorts of theSeattle metropolitan area has been hired as Property Manager for the restored Beachwood.

"We have been running the property ourselves for several years," Said Jane Lee a member of the family that owns the resort, "Goldener and their Vortex Management group have been giving the job of maintaining our upgraded destination and letting the world know what a wonderful place it is."

With just 20 units, and only a three hour drive from the Seattle metropolitan area, Beachwood offers seclusion, privacy and all the amenities expected of a much larger resort. It sits just back from a secluded beach, and has a private club house, hot tub, seasonal swimming pool, sauna, playground, volley ball, horse shoes, sauna and an unusual Solarium Tower.

"The resort is big enough to accommodate many families, but small enough so that family reunions, group meetings and even weddings can rent the entire place for themselves." observed Jackie Martin, newly appointed Resort Manager. "This summer we have many groups some of who have come back every year for decades. We must be doing something right."

Each ground level bungalow has a living room, kitchen, dining area, bedroom and fireplace. There are a variety of bed sizes and quality decorations to make them feel like home. Half of the units face the clubhouse and pool area, while the other half face beachward.

"Each night the staff start campfires and provide the marsh mellows and sticks. The guests provide the stories, laughs and camaraderie. It’s a great way to meet new people and rekindle old friendship." Said Penny Taylor, sales manager for the resort.

"Our recent renovations make the Bungalows especially comfortable and we are just now completing renovation of the infrastructure and landscaping too. " reminded Ms.Lee, "It is turning out beautifully."

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Located north of Ocean Shores Washington in Grays Harbor County, Beachwood Resortoffers twenty beach style bungalows, a clubhouse, hot tub, sauna,seasonal pool. It is popular for family Reunions, Groups and weddings. Bookings can be made at 360-289-2177 or online at

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